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Added on 28.11.2009
Category Single-Engine Props
Manufacturer Sukhoi
Model Su-29
Serial number (C/N) 76-04
Registration HA-HUL
Airframe total time 350 hours
Avionics One radio / Transponder
Additional equipment Long range fuel; Smoke; Lightweight electrical system; Automotive spark plug conversion; Water drain in the cockpit; New hooker harnesses; One wingtip sight; Manifold oil drain; Set of control locks; Set of tools; Full set of manuals; Cockpit canopy cover; Cockpit lock; Smoke tank opening tool
Interior Leather seats
Additional information HA-HUL was scheduled for a TOTAL restoration, so the aircraft has been totally dismantled. Some minor cracks in the fuselage were repaired. The fuselage was completely stripped, all paint was removed and now the aircraft is repainted. However, this represents one of the last chances to obtain a Su-29 in what will be genuinely perfect condition and of course with a totally open specification for engine/prop/avionics/extras. The customer will of course choose his own colour of paintwork and other issues such as avionics, etc. So the only items needed are those related to personal choice: parachutes and headsets. In addition, the aircraft will have a new EASA Certificate of Airworthiness and then Hungarian registration, but if the aircraft is being sold outside Europe, where this will not be necessary, the price will be reduced. The aircraft is available in conjunction with Mr. Richard Goode (our UK partner).
Price 235000.00 EUR
Contacts Aero-X